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Project Description
The VI Toolkit for Windows Community Extensions is a PowerShell module designed to work with the VI Toolkit for Windows (

Project Goals
This project aims to help make managing VMware products with PowerShell easy and really powerful. Our current VI Toolkit for Windows contains 125 cmdlets that makes life a lot easier for people who manage VMware ESX and VMware VirtualCenter. With this project we plan to build on that by providing libraries of really useful stuff based on the ideas we see in our VMware Community as well as plenty of ideas of our own.

How To Contribute
We welcome your ideas and code contributions. Feel free to request features through the Discussions or Issue Tracker tab, or upload patches through the Source Code tab.

Guidelines For VI Toolkit Extensions Functions
For tips on how to write a PowerShell advanced function that can be included in the Extensions, see guidelines.

VI Toolkit Extensions examples
For examples on how some of the advanced functions can be used see examples.

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